Commercial Fences & Residential Fences


  • Guardrails

Interested in guard rails or any other style of commercial fencing we offer? Contact our office to speak with an experienced estimator. They will work with you in the process from start to finish, from design to installation with whatever project you are looking for. If you are looking for a type of commercial fencing you do not see here, it does not mean we do not offer it. Our salesmen can provide more information and answer any of your questions.






  • Dumpster Enclosures

Our dumpster enclosures are typically made out of chain link fence or cedar. When made from chain link fence, vinyl privacy slats are often added and these are available in a wide range of colors. If you are doing a complete enclosure with gates, chain link fencing with privacy slats is the least expensive option and the most durable.

When using cedar for dumpster enclosures we often recommend the use of galvanized steel posts to improve the durability. Due to the frequency that a cedar dumpster enclosure gate is used (and by so many different people) and due to its size, we build our cedar dumpster enclosure gates with a welded steel frame, that is only visible from the rear of the gate, not from the front. The posts used for dumpster enclosures are typically pressure-treated wood or galvanized steel. Cedar posts can be used, but due to the abuse dumpster enclosures can face, it is not recommended.

Bollards are concrete-filled steel posts, commonly 4”-6” wide and 4’ tall. They are often placed around the area where the dumpster will be, to protect the enclosure from being hit during the emptying process. Bollards can be used in a wide variety of applications from protecting buildings to utility meters. Bollards can be left galvanized, painted or put in a plastic sleeve to dress up the appearance. They are available a wide variety of sizes and colors and can even have signs, warnings or company logos printed on them.






  • Security Fences

Chain Link Security Fencing can be one of the most cost-effective ways to enhance security at a location. It’s also highly customizable, and its security can be easily and greatly enhanced by adding barbed wire or razor wire to the top. Chain link security fencing is very popular with our customers because it provides a great combination of price and value. If you need advice or help planning your commercial chain link security fence, please contact us and we will go over the pros and cons of installing this type of fence at your location.






  • Security Gates & Motorized Slide Gates

It’s not unusual to see automatic gates in the driveways of mansions, large estates or ranches. You may be surprised to find out, however, that this amenity extends to your average house too. Automatic gates are now being installed in homes of all sizes and price ranges.

One reason for this growing trend is that attractive, affordable driveway gates and automatic openers are available at most home improvement stores and from online retailers.

The gates come fully assembled and ready for professional or DIY installation. Electric openers and optional accessories can be matched with the gate to ensure smooth operation and lifelong reliability. In this guide, we’ll give you a rundown of everything you need to know about adding a driveway gate to your home.








  • Ballfields and Backstops

A sports facility is important to the community, but having the right fencing makes all the difference in keeping athletes and spectators protected during play. Northwest Fencing will install all the fence equipment around your field to prevent injuries from misguided balls. Consider a baseball backstop to keep visitors safe.

We Can Also Provide Outfield Fencing

When providing a safe area for athletes, it’s not just the baseball backstop that you need. Outfield fencing protects the parking lot and prevents players from running into a dangerous situation. Discuss your sports field with one of our contractors to ensure you have all the windscreens and batting cages you need to keep players and visitors safe. With windscreens, you increase the branding opportunities in your field. Let businesses sponsor one for added advertisement and support of the players. Coordinate these screens with installation of a fence and increase the wind blockage into your arena.







  • Privacy Fence


We believe you are entitled to seclusion, especially when enjoying your favorite room: your back yard! Our privacy fences make this a definite reality. Not only do our fencing solutions keep prying eyes out, but the decorative designs and commitment to top quality products ensure your property and security are taken care of, too. You can look forward to high quality and cost effective fencing solutions that feature next generation technology such as Cambium, SolarGuard and GlideLock. Raising the bar for back yard seclusion, Northwest Fencing is the gold standard when it comes to privacy fencing solutions.








  • Horse Corrals

Proper fencing helps to keep both horses and people safe and happy.

There are several things to consider when considering fencing for horses.  First, since a horse has limited eyesight, a fence should be highly visible, especially to running or startled animals. Second, it must be solid enough to repel a running horse, but still flexible enough to prevent injury if a horse runs into it. Special attention needs to be paid to make sure there are  no sharp edges or projections on the fence, like nail heads or wire ends, because you don’t want anything that could cut the horse. There can’t be openings in the fence or spaces between boards, rails, or wire that are big enough for a head or hoof to pass through and then get trapped. Finally, the fence must be tall enough to discourage jumping. We recommend that perimeter fences should be 5 feet high, while other dividing fences should be about  4½ to 5 feet high.

A fence can be a major investment.  In addition to the cost of materials, you should consider the cost of maintenance.  As a horse owner, you must balance both installation costs and the maintenance costs when determining what type of fencing to purchase.

An attractive and well-maintained fence promotes pride in ownership, increases property value, and gives an impression of professionalism. However, safety, affordability, durability, and functionality are all more important factors to consider.

The most common fencing materials are wood, metal, and wire. Some of our fencing systems combine more than one material. We can talk about all of the pros and cons of all materials before making a choice, during our free consultation. Wood is one of the most popular materials available for horse fences. Wood can be used for posts, braces, boards, or rails.

Wood is rated for above ground, soil and freshwater contact, permanent wood foundation, and saltwater use.  Fasteners used with this lumber are typically hot-dipped galvanized or stainless steel.

Metal can be used for posts, rails, and wire and as hardware to secure other fencing materials. Steel is the preferred material because of its strength and durability. Stainless steel fasteners can be used if needed for added corrosion protection.

Wire fencing is typically galvanized steel, but stainless steel and aluminum are used as well. Galvanized steel wire offers good strength and corrosion resistance at a reasonable cost.

Whatever your need, Northwest Fencing has the materials, the know-how, and the price that best fits your budget and your horse corral needs.







  • Pool Enclosures

Reduce all pool running costs to a fraction of what they are now.

Our Pool Enclosures will seal out all leaves, dirt and debris, keeping your pool completely clean all year round. With the enclosure in place, the heating costs are greatly reduced and the structure will also assist in heating the pool. Evaporation is eliminated and so too the chemical loss with it.





  • Dog Runs

The goal for dog runs and dog related fencing is to keep the environment as safe as possible.  Making sure the fence and fence location are secure can be done with the following tips:

  • Make sure on hot days the dog run has access to shade
  • Pick an area that is highly visible
  • Clear the area of any plants or flowers poisonous to dogs
  • If the dog is known for digging the proper fencing can be installed into the ground to make the area even more secure

Dog Run Advice

Determining the size of the dog run will come down to how much space is available and the size of the dog. Giving your dog enough space to properly exercise without ruining the house will be a joy. Making sure the bottom of the dog run is safe to lay is also a priority, grass being a safe solution. Concrete is easy to clean but over time can develop sores on a dog’s legs that lay there.  Several recommendations are clean straw or cedar chips.






  • Decorative Ornamental 


Northwest Fencing's decorative ornamental steel and aluminum fences provide security and an elegant style to your home. We can use pre-fabricated iron panels or create a custom iron fence suited to your personal taste and your home's style.


When you select a ornamental fence there are many options to match the style of your home. From the color and decorative accents you will not only love your new fence but it will increase the value of your home.


Depending on your needs we can help pick the style of your gate as well as the hardware your gate requires such as; latches and locks that are rust-free to match the look of your fence.






  • Arbors & Pergolas

Arbors and pergolas are a beautiful addition to any yard or garden. They can be used as a trellis for graceful climbing roses, an elegant additional to your existing fenceline or a dramatic transition from one area of a yard to another. They also offer the perfect backdrop for those special events.

We offer arbors and pergolas made of steel, vinyl or wood. You can either choose from several pre-fabricated styles or have us custom fabricate it to suit your needs. And our custom designs are not just limited to one material, many times they can include a combination of wood, vinyl or steel.

Wood Arbors & Pergolas

Whether it's a small garden arch, an arbor, or a large pergola you are after, we have constructed many custom styles over the past several years.

Small Garden Sheds

If you have a design or an idea for a small garden shed we can help you built it. Let us know what you need.

Vinyl Arbors

Virtually maintenance free, these look brand new year after year.  Vinyl arbors require no staining or painting or long term maintenance.

Steel Arbors

Steel arbors and pergolas are versatile structures that can be used for a multitude of different purposes. Purposes that can be both practical and whimsical. They can create a perfect trellis for a gorgeous climbing plant, a backyard screen to hide unattractive objects, a accent to a garden creating an old fashioned nostalgic look that can help create that elegant cottage look of a cottage. They can be made completely from steel or in combination with other products such as vinyl, wood and composite materials.

Steel Garden Arbors

Hand fabricated and completely customized.  These garden arbors are a personal statement to compliment your garden.  It can be left to rust or hand painted with detail, up to you and your imagination.  Possibilities are endless.








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